Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Portland, Oregon, spent $250,000 to reinvent the public toilet

If you’ve ever used a public toilet, you probably wish you held the urge until you got home.
They’re unclean, smelly, and often serve as de facto homes for the homeless.
Thankfully, the city of Portland, Oregon, has reinvented the staple facility of urban centers, festivals, and campgrounds. And the new public toilet only cost $250,000 to develop.
The Portland Loo isn’t the futuristic, self-cleaning bathroom you might imagine. A weathered-looking steel shell wraps around a single toilet-bowl. There’s no sink or running water. Grates at the top and bottom of the structure allow onlookers to see in; though a “blind spot” prevents people from watching users do their business, Fast Company reports.
So, what makes this loo so special?


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